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Other Computer Services

Faulty Hardware Diagnostics

Our years of experience coupled with the latest diagnostic equipment allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose faulty hardware inside desktop computers, laptops and other electronics. Common symptoms of faulty hardware are blue screens (BSOD), freezing, randomly restarting, slow loading times, slow boot time, graphical artifacts or the computer not turning on at all.

Repairing Hardware

Sometimes faulty hardware can be repaired instead of being replaced. If a component has blown capacitors, a broken fan, or loose jacks (a power socket for example), it's often cheaper to repair these items instead of buying new. STORMComponents will make you aware of all options before we repair or replace faulty hardware.

Replacing and Upgrading Hardware

In the event the faulty hardware can not be repaired, we would opt to replace the component with a direct replacement or compatible product. We offer the choice between official branded parts, compatible parts, or used / recovered components.

Data Recovery

We have heard countless stories of large computer repair stores refusing to recover data, or at least not without a hefty fee. STORMComponents offers low-cost data recovery to all customers whether their computer is working or has failed, and in some cases data can even be recovered from damaged or corrupt drives.

Installation of Operating Systems and Software

STORMComponents offer full installation services as well as software assistance. If your computer requires a format and reinstallation (or upgrade), feel free to bring your computer down to our repair shop where we can perform a full reinstall for just £50.00. Alternatively if you're having issues with just one piece of software, we could access your computer remotely and assist with the installation without physical access to your machine.

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