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Computer Viruses are a common issue with computers today. They go by many names, and have a wide-range of symptoms and objectives. STORMComponents have extensive experience with removing viruses, and where Computer Virus Loughboroughother companies might insist on simply 'wiping' the drive clean and starting fresh, we'll go the extra mile to remove the virus, make your computer secure again and ensure your data is saved and uncompromised. After all, losing your data could be more disruptive than the virus itself!

If you believe your computer might be infected, call us today!

STORMComponents are experts in removing...


Short for "malicious software", and is the collective term for all viruses and harmful software.


Viruses are malicious software that spread throughout computers after a user accidentally runs an infected application, opens an infected email or visits an infected website.


Worms are similar to Viruses, but actively transmit themselves through the internet without user input. Because no action is required by the user, some of the most aggressive worms have been known to spread to millions of computers worldwide only days after their release.

Trojan Horses

Trojan Horses (or just "Trojans") are Malware that disguise themselves as legitimate files or applications. Because of this, Trojan Horses are the most common form of Malware that Antivirus software fails to pick up. Even symptomless computers are often host to Trojans.


Rootkits are software that are normally installed along-side a malicious application. Their purpose is to stop the Malware from being detected, or to stop the Malware from being removed once found.


Adware is a very common form of malicious software which displays advertising to the user in the form of popups, fake software registrations or by opening certain websites periodically.


The primary role of Spyware is to collect information about the computer's user without their knowledge. This could range from analysing what websites are viewed for target advertising, right through to collecting bank details prior to robbery or identity theft.

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