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Terms and Conditions


1    Definitions

1.1    In this Agreement the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

    1.1.1    STORMComponents is a trading name of acuteFX Design Ltd. Company No. 06585047;
    1.1.2    "Us", "Our" and "The Shop" refers to STORMComponents, 88 Derby Road, LE11 5AG;
    1.1.3    "Content" refers to everything which in any way adds to the structure or build of a website, including without limitation all website designs and layouts, imagery, photography, flash animation, scripts, programming, software, text/information and any downloadable files available via The STORMComponents Website.
    1.1.4    "The STORMComponents Website" refers to
    1.1.5    "Device" refers to any electrical device brought into STORMComponents or bought online from our store. (e.g. Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Printers etc)
    1.1.6    "Customer" refers to the recipient of any service or product made available by STORMComponents or via our Store.
    1.1.7    "Store" refers to

2    Introduction

2.1    By visiting and/or using this website (including but not limited to viewing, downloading from, linking to and hot-linking from), you signify your assent to our terms and conditions displayed on this page and to be bound by these terms while visiting You re-affirm this acceptance every time you visit or use You signify your assent to these Terms whenever you hire STORMComponents for PC Repair or any other service. You signify your assent these Terms whenever you accept an invoice for said service.


2.2    You can see how STORMComponents may use any personal information (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) or anonymous information collected via this website on our Privacy Policy page. You may instruct Us to provide you with any personal information we hold about you. Provision of such information may be subject to the payment of a fee (fixed at £10.00).

2.3    Please note that this page may be updated without notice.

3    Website Copyright Protection

3.1    You should assume that everything you view, read or download from this website is copyrighted.

    3.1.1    This website as well as all Content created by STORMComponents is copyrighted and may not be copied, reproduced or redistributed for commercial or financial gain in any way without STORMComponents’s prior written authorisation or unless otherwise stated.

3.2    No website programming or software made available by The STORMComponents Website may be reverse engineered or decompiled for commercial or financial gain. All programming and software developed for this website is copyrighted and may not be copied, reproduced or redistributed in anyway.

3.3    You MAY make single copies of files made available via The STORMComponents Website for personal, non-profitable use as long as the reason to do so complies with points 3.2 and 4.1.

3.4    STORMComponents may use Photoshop brushes made available from sites such as deviantART, Brusheezy and PSbrushes (as well as others) and does in no way claim to have created these materials. Full credit goes to the author / artist for creating and sharing these brushes. If you feel your copyrights have been compromised regarding any Photoshop brushes used by STORMComponents please contact us.

3.5    STORMComponents may use stock imagery within it's website. These images are taken from free and paid stock imagery websites (primarily Stock.XCHNG) and credit for the original image goes to the artist / photographer for providing these images. Where needed, a link to the photographer will be shown. If you feel your copyrights have been compromised regarding STORMComponents' use of stock imagery please contact us and include a link to the image in question.

4    Website Usage Manner

4.1    You will not in any way (or attempt to) reverse engineer or decompile any programming or software created by STORMComponents to try and change or alter in anyway the function of any of The STORMComponents Website.

4.2    You will not in any way alter or attempt to alter the make-up (including template, images, text and software) of The STORMComponents Website.

4.3    You will not in any way access or attempt to access areas of The STORMComponents Website which need registered accounts, passwords or any other form of electronic validation without such authorisation.

4.4    Failure to follow the rulings in points 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 will result in an IP address ban across all websites made available by acuteFX Design as well as your IP address reported to your ISP.

5    Services and Pricing Specific Terms

5.1    STORMComponents shall use reasonable endeavours to make sure all services, prices and products shown on The STORMComponents Website and Store are up-to-date and accurate. We do however, remain the right to change what services are offered and the associated pricing without notice, and will not be held to any service, pricing or deal shown on the website, expressed or implied.

    5.1.1    We remain the right to deny any order placed through the Store in place of a full refund, assuming payment has already been accepted. Our reason for doing so will be given to the Customer at the time of cancellation, but would generally be due to depleted stock or an invalid shipping address.

5.2    Although STORMComponents strives to repair all Devices the same working day that they're brought into The Shop, we can't guarantee every repair can be done within this timeframe.

5.3    STORMComponents offers free technical support to all Customers. STORMComponents reserves the right to determine when the free service has been exhausted, and a charge is required for further technical support.

5.4    STORMComponents offers a "no-fix-no-fee" service, where if a Device can not be repaired and the Customer does not wish to buy a replacement Device as a solution, the time spent by STORMComponents will not be charged for. If the Customer does accept a replacement Device however, any time previously spent trying to fix the broken Device may still be charged for.

    5.4.1    If STORMComponents purchases replacement components for a Customer while trying to solve a problem, the Customer is liable for the cost of the components under all circumstances and outcomes of the replacement.

    5.4.2    If STORMComponents purchases replacement components for a Customer while trying to solve a problem, the Customer may be liable for an installation charge, at our normal hourly rate.

5.5    STORMComponents offers free diagnostics on Devices brought into The Shop. Diagnostics are available without obligation to buy our services or any Device from Us thereafter. If replacement components are required for the diagnosis, the Customer is liable for the cost of the components and will be notified in advance.

5.6    The Customer authorises STORMComponents to install hardware, firmware and/or software on their Device as part of the repair or technical service. This hardware, firmware or software may be removed upon completion of the service.

    5.6.1    Use of hardware, firmware or software by STORMComponents shows no endorsement or consent by STORMComponents for any products or information provided via such products. STORMComponents is not liable for any malicious software or coding made available by third party software which may damage or corrupt computer systems or networks.

6    Charges, Payment and Money Back

6.1    STORMComponents charges a fixed £30.00 per hour for all repair services. A minimum of £15.00 (30 minutes) will be charged for all Customers.

    6.1.1    STORMComponents has a limited maximum service charge of £210.00 (7 hours). No repair or technical service will ever be charged above this.

    6.1.2    STORMComponents may offer an estimated timescale for repair or technical services which is to be taken as a guide only. Final timescales and pricing may differ, and STORMComponents will not be held to any timescale or pricing, expressed or implied.

6.2    STORMComponents will ONLY accept cash or card payments for repair services bought face-to-face. We will not accept cheques, bank transfers or other forms of electronic payment in The Shop.

    6.2.1    STORMComponents does however, accept cheques, bank transfers, phone transactions and PayPal payments for services sold online or over the phone.

6.3    All charges and quotes are exclusive of VAT. STORMComponents is not a VAT registered company and does not charge Value Added Tax.

6.4    STORMComponents does not provide any credit facilities to 'home' users. A 30-day Credit option is available to all businesses.

6.5    STORMComponents does not provide money back guarantees on any services. We offer a 60-day guarantee on all repairs and technical services, where if our service has not repaired the original issue, we will attempt to repair the issue again free of charge. This does not change your statutory rights.

6.6    STORMComponents charges a fixed monthly 10% penalty charge for payments made after the set payment period.

6.7    All charges and costs will be discussed with the Customer before STORMComponents proceeds with the work.

7    Liabilities and Warranties

7.1    STORMComponents excludes all liability (other than those caused by its negligence) in relation to the any Content made available by The STORMComponents Website.

7.2    STORMComponents makes no claims or representations that any / all content made available by The STORMComponents Website may be viewed or downloaded outside of United Kingdom. Access to such materials may not be legal in certain countries. If you choose to access The STORMComponents Website from outside the United Kingdom, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the laws of that country.

7.3    The STORMComponents Website may link to third party websites. Links to such websites show no endorsement or consent by STORMComponents for any products or information provided via such websites. STORMComponents is not in anyway liable for any malicious software or coding available via third party websites which may damage or corrupt computer systems or networks.

7.4    The Customer is to back up any and all data before bringing their computer into STORMComponents. STORMComponents is not liable for any loss of data while in possession of the Customer's Device.

7.5    Any computer, component or device (excluding custom computers built by STORMComponents) bought through STORMComponents, either through our own online store or shop, or via a third-party / supplier, is covered by the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty ONLY.

    7.5.1    STORMComponents offers a 1 year warranty on custom built computers built with all new components, and a 60-day warranty on any computers using used or second-hand parts.

    7.5.2    STORMComponents may not accept returns on goods due to 'no longer needed' or 'incorrect item ordered' outside of our supplier's terms and conditions.

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